Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa Found Us!

Merry Christmas everyone and a very Happy New Year!!!
Jenny, Brady and the girls have been with us for almost 5 weeks now and there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Their carpet is being installed today in their new home and they're hoping to move in this Saturday. It has been wonderful having them here, especially after Mom passed away. I don't know what I would have done being here all alone. It will take some getting used to not having them here. I'm not looking forward to it. Anyway.....

Since the little ones were at my home we were a little concerned that Santa might not know where they were, but that jolly old elf knows all.....he found us and a Merry Christmas was had by all.
At about 11:30 am Kathy and her crew arrived and we had our traditional Christmas morning brunch. Everyone loves this meal and more than one said that they enjoy it more than Thanksgiving....imagine that! After the feast we opened our present to each other then just
lounged around. Watch football, read the paper, checked out the 'after Christmas' ads, ate more food, played games and just had a good time.

Here is a picture of 5 of our 'munchkins' (our 6th, Alivia was taking a nap.....

We look forward to the new year with great anticipation! What does it hold for us? Only good things!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've got the greatest family!

My doorbell rang the other day and I answered it to find a delivery man holding a big box. He handed it to me and left. What on earth!? The box said 'Pro-flowers' on it. I opened it and there was a card: "Thank you for the tender and loving manner in which you cared for our dear mother-in-law. Brownie, Dennis, Jim, and Mike." Under the card was two dozen beautiful roses in assorted colors with a beautiful red vase! How sweet is that?!!! Look how beautiful they are....

Imagine my surprise 2 days later when again the doorbell rang....there was a box labeled 'Shari's Berries" It was part 2 of the special thank-you from my brothers-in-law. Printed on the box where the instructions: "Close and lock door. Hide behind large piece of furniture. Quietly open box. Savor and enjoy!" Twelve extra large assorted chocolate dipped strawberries! I'm not sure if you can tell, but two are already missing :).

This is me 'savoring' the decadent strawberries!

I really do have the best family in the world! Thanks guys!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Too much of a good thing is Wonderful!

33 years ago Rick & I were married. Time is now hyper-speed as we look back and realize that it was 'only yesterday'. What a wild and amazing ride! 2 wonderful daughters, 2 great sons-in-law and 6 grandkids later the future seems closer than ever before. What does it hold for us? Does it really matter? Life happens when you're doing other things, so come what may and love it, we promise we will!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Don't Say Goodbye....

Friday, November 28th....My sister & I were saying goodbye to our dear elderly Mother as we were leaving her bedside after a fairly non-communicative visit. Susie reminded me that my Grandmother Jensen always said "never say goodbye" so we both loved Mom and told her "so long." As Susie & I were walking out of her room she unexpectedly called out clearly and distinctly, "I'll be seeing ya!" Susie & I looked at each other and called back to her "we'll be seeing ya, love ya Mom!"

Mom passed away the next Wednesday evening, December 3rd. She allowed me to be there with her when she took her final breath. She was finally at peace. I thought of all the loved ones that would be there to greet her and I felt their calming presence. I had a few moments to grieve before my daughters arrived and phone calls and arrangements needed to be made.

I realize that with her loss I am sad for me. Sad that she won't be there anymore, sad that one of my life responsibilities has been lifted from me, sad that I won't hear her say "I love you, honey" anymore in this life, sad that I don't have to pray for her anymore. But what about her? Is she sad? I don't think she's had time to be sad. She's been too busy visiting with her loved ones that she has been sad about for so many years. Am I happy? Not yet, but I'm happy for her. I'm happy that she knows that I love her, I'm happy that her family gathered and celebrated her life, I'm happy that she's with Dad, I'm happy that she lived a long and full life, I'm happy that she helped create lasting memories that I will cherish until I see her again.

So, for now....."I'll be seeing ya Mom, I love you."