Friday, September 24, 2010

Swiss Days

Swiss Days 2010
Heidi Wilcox, Denise Hillyard, Linda Rassmussen, Stacie Wheeler, Heidi Christensen, Me
Question: How much fun can 6 women have?
Answer:  LOTS!
Linda invited us to go with her to a condo in Midway, Utah and
join in the festivities of Swiss Days, September 2nd.
Thursday night we drove up and stayed up way past our bedtimes (ahem...2:00 a.m.!)
to play games, eat fun (un-nutritious) goodies and
 get to know each other better.
Then up early (yawn) at 6:30 a.m. so Linda could get to the wrapping paper booth.
Wrapping paper?
We arrived at 7:45 a.m. along with at least 1/2 the state of Utah and quickly
made our way to the WP booth, only to find about 20 people already in line!
We moved on...(moved is a relative term with that many people)
We scoped the booths and bought some stuff, ate the food (yum) and listened
to the fun music.  We heard yodelers and the Alpine Horn.
We had so much fun....
Can't wait for next year...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trippin' #4 - Reunion

July 8-12 we had a Roland and Nelda Jensen Family Reunion.
We all traveled to Pine Valley, UT from California, Colorado,
and Utah and camped in a beautiful spot with
 tall pines and lots of huge
rocks and a wonderful little river called 'Blue Springs'.
The first night we set up camp and
 roasted hot dogs and made s'mores.

There's nothing like sitting around a campfire with loved ones!

Friday we spent the day at the beautiful Veyo pool. We swam, ate, hunted crawdads, read, visited and just had a great time together.

My sisters, Bonnie, Susie & me

After the pool we came back to camp and had a potluck dinner that
was organized by Kathy.  She provided sloppy joes and the rest of us provided
all the fixin's.  After dinner we did s'mores some more.

Saturday the guys went shooting and the girls stayed at camp and played
by the river.  Cousin Denise had also planned some fun around the camp games.
Saturday afternoon Aunt Susie organized our 'Hobo Pack' dinner.
Everyone brought their own meat and an item to put into the pack.  Yum!
Cheri and Stacy with the potatoes that Kathy & Judy cut...
Creating our 'masterpieces'
The Hobo packs cookin'

Sunday morning we attended church at the historic Pine Valley Chapel

The cousins....
Mike, Stacy, Cheri, Kathy and Adam

The time had come to say goodbye...never easy!  Until next time....
Kathy, Tony, Connor, Lauren and Cody in front of their new 'love shack'
The campsite....beautiful!
Grandpa Rick and Grandma Juju with the munchkins...
Crazy, happy family!
Bonnie & Dennis, Susie & Mike and Rick & Judy

We stayed for a few more days.
We hung around camp...reading, eating, sleeping...
on Thursday night we braved the 120 degree heat to
see 'Cats' at Tuachan theater.  It was fun...
Rick taking down the flag for the last sad...
We missed Deanna & Sharry this year....just not the same.