Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Never Fear

Easter 2011

I know, I know!! It's been 7 months since my last post!
  I can't believe how time flies!  What can we do to slow it down? 
 We just have to be careful to enjoy every moment and every person. 
 Especially those we love and care about! 
 This summer has been ca------razy!  I'm thinking about working
 on my next post by months, just so I can catch up.
  So much little time!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Jazzed and Jimmered

On January 14th we went to the Jazz game with Kathy's fam.
They played Cleveland and won big.
We all got to go free because we went to the Miller Family Christmas Sing-a-long and
everyone who went got a free Jazz ticket and other goodies too.
And of course because they were free you can guess where the seats were.
You could say we had a 'birds eye' view!
We had a great time.
It started off at Crown Burger....yum!

Can you say 'pastrami and onion rings'?

Our 'bird's eye' view

Connor, Lauren and Cody

On the next to the last row.  We brought plenty of kleenix for the 'nosebleeds'

On January 26th the 'guys' came over to watch the

#9 BYU vs #4 San Diego basketball game.

Rick, Brady, Tony and Connor cheering

Byu won 71-58
Jimmer scoring 43 points

It was a fun night!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Party of 2011

On January 1st, 2011 we had a party.
Those of the Jensen side that were able to attend were:
Rick and me...
Kathy, Tony, Connor, Lauren and Cody
Jenny, Kaitlyn and Anna (Brady & Alivia were home sick)
Bonnie and Dennis
Stacy, Ron, Kensie and Ryan
Kayla and Michael
Greta, Kylie and Brandon
We all had a great time.
Connor and Ryan playing video games

Judy's Famous Brownie Trifle - Yum!

Food, Fun and Fam

Dennis (Alias: Colonel Sanders), Bonnie, Rick, Judy

Tony, Michael, Ron and Dennis watching football

Cody and Anna playing wii (samuri swords)

The girls playing 'Curses' - pee your pants funny!

Greta brought her finace Brandon

The original fam...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

H-E-L-L-O 2011!

2010 was a great year.
Much, much, much better than 2009.
So how will 2011 go?
I'm leaning toward FANTASTIC!

Just to recap some of the highlights of 2010....

Serving on Moroni's Quest 2010 planning committee...
Kick-off Fireside on the 31st...awesome!


The wonderful Mexican Riviera cruise with Sue, Mike, Brownie and my love Rick.


Our little Grand-daughters Build-a-Bear Party

Rick & I went to St. George, below photo: Having fun in Snow Canyon.


Rick & I had a great trip to Washington DC
Photo is at Gettysburg, PA


Rick & I with the 3 older grandkids spent Memorial Day
weekend camping in the trailer.
We went to Mesa Verde and of course Arches National Park.


Our cute niece Kayla married Michael Chandler.
Her reception was up at Bear Lake.
Kaitlyn caught the bouquet.  Scary...


Had a wonderful time down in Pine Valley, Utah
at the Roland & Nelda Jensen Family Reunion.

We also went to Glenn Beck's 'Rivival'


Brought a bountiful harvest.
One of our favorite meals....


Went to Swiss Days in Heber City with some friends. Fun!

On Labor Day we did one of our favorite new found hobbies...
Geocaching.  Fun! Ask us about it...


Of course, Halloween with the grandkids.
Livie does not like to have her picture taken!


 Thanksgiving at Susie & Mikes.
What a great family day!

Our 35th Anniversary Cruise to the Caribbean.

We start 2011 full of excitement.  We expect only
good things and good times.
We can hardly wait!