Friday, May 7, 2010


In February my sister Susie, her husband Mike, my brother-in-law Brownie,
Rick and I went on a Mexican Riviera Cruise.
Ahhhh, the sunshine! What a welcome change from the deep
cold weather we had been dealing with.
We had such a great time.  It's not the places you go,
but the people you are with that make it great.
We were at sea for two days and had a wonderful time;
eating, sleeping, reading, eating, eating and eating.

Our first port was Acapulco.
We got off the ship and walked across the street to the old
Fort San Diego.  It was a taste of Mexican history.
Then we hired a local guide to take us around.
We were able to experience the true 'local' flavor of Mexico.
Picking out the fresh Snapper at an out of the way beach restaurant.

Enjoying our freshly grilled fish.
Of course we experienced the cliff divers...
at night no less...
These are two divers jumping off with torches.

Acapulco at night.

Then on to Zihuatanejo.  They give you a prize if
you can pronounce it correctly. :)
We took a water taxi over to the little beach cove called Playa Las Gatas.
What a relaxing day. 
The kind of day you fantasize about when
you feel you need to get away...perfection.
 Sipping pina, of course.
Snorkling, people watching, and Rick's $10 - 30 minute massage.

Then on to Ixtapa. 
It wasn't much, mostly a huge shipping port. 
We just got off the ship and walked along the waterfront. 
   It was a beautiful warm day.  Absolutely delightful!

Our last meal before we docked at San Diego.
This is my idea of a vacation.  Just show up.
It's always sad to say goodbye...